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Pretreatment for Aluminium Process


Alkaline Degreaser :-

Removal of oil grease & oxide layer from aluminium surface. Metal cleaner DGA-110 is alkaline base degreaser. This powder form degrease used for deep application. Alkaline series of chemical are very useful for aluminium alloys.

Acidic Degreaser :-

This chemical is very effective for remove oil, grease & oxide layer. Metal cleaner ALC-12 used for aluminium materials. In this process is not necessary deoxide process.


Chromatising is used to chemically convert the surface of the aluminium product. This result in a thin oxide layer what is referred to conversion layer during the chromatising a surface layer result which varies in colour from white to golden/green. Chromatising is often in applied as coating pretreatment - as it provide high quality adhesion an excellent production against corrosion. Metal cleaner CHROME-26 is used for golden/yellow colour. Metal cleaner CHROME-28 is used for green colour.

Product Description Concentration Time
Metal Cleaner
Acidic base degreasing & deoxide 5 - 10% V/V at RT 8-10 min
Metal Cleaner
Alkaline base degreasing 5 - 10% W/V at RT 2-3 min
Metal Cleaner
Chromium Oxide coating - Yellow in colour 2 - 3% V/V at RT 2-3 min
Metal Cleaner
Chromium Phosphate coating - Green in colour 2 - 3% V/V at RT 2-3 min

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Pretreatment of aluminium process